Becoming an influencer

How to become an influencer

If you’re sitting with your Instagram-profile in the hand thinking about what you can do with all of your followers, I have an answer for you. Becoming an influencer! “But how do I do that?” you might ask. It is actually not that difficult. For you to become an influencer, you should want to advertise for brands and companies with your own […]

6 ways to make your posts on Instagram stand out

6 ways to make your instagram stand out

In an Instagram-world where there is more and more competition on the followers’ attention, you as a micro influencer need to stand out and especially in your Instagram posts, which can be the ones people fall for. Here are some tips for you to make your Instagram better and the posts stand out. 1. Show who you are How are YOU? […]

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram

How to get 1000 followers

How to get 1000 followers on InstagramIt’s easy to be on Instagram and get a couple of hundred followers –your friends, family, network. But getting closer to a 1000 followers is trickier, and especially if you want those followers who actually like what you post.  Here you have 8 easy and simple steps to get more followers. 1. […]

What is an influencer?

It’s really simple. An influencer is a person with influence. What does such a person has influence on, you might think. Well, that is simple. YOU.  Every day we use our phones hundreds of times. You might have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. It’s where you connect with your friends, watch funny videos of cats running […]