In an Instagram-world where there is more and more competition on the followers’ attention, you as a micro influencer need to stand out and especially in your Instagram posts, which can be the ones people fall for. Here are some tips for you to make your Instagram better and the posts stand out.

1. Show who you are

How are YOU? The person behind the profile. In your posts you need to show a little about yourself. Not in every post and not more than you want to, but just enough so both your followers and brands can see who you are. If you forget yourself the profile might as well be fake. And your followers need personality. And so does the brands who will hire you as a microinfluencer. It needs to be you.

2. Tell a Story

Every post should tell a story. Maybe you need more than one photo to tell the story and you might also bring your Instagram-story in to it, but the point is that you want to tell something with your post. Not something big or meaningful for the entire society but a story about a product or you day.

3. Be creative

This is maybe the most important step to get more attention on Instagram. Be creative. Be special. If you want to stand out, you need to be different from all the other influencers out there. Think outside the box when you make a post and especially as a microinfluencer. The more creative you can be about the motive or the setting and so on, the better.

4. Visual chain

Your Instagram need a visual chain. Meaning you have to have a certain way your posts look. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same all the way through every time, but you can for example put on the same filter and frame in your posts. That way you see a nice line of pictures, when potential followers or brands visit your profile. For example, you can find some really inspiration right here, where they have collected some fun and crazy ideas on how you can get a visual chain in your Instagram feed in a creative way.

5. A little extra

Of course, Instagram have their own filters and overlays, but if you really want to stand out, you can use apps outside Instagram for both your photos and videos.

This app has many different filters and editing tools, much more than your Instagram-app. For example,you can edit in your own skin toneif you want to. But don’t make the photo too perfector unrealistic. It still has to be you.

Read more about the app here.

Here is a more playful app for editing your photos. You can put on fun and cool overlays with different textures. You also have the possibility to put on text in your post. That can only be done in your story if you do it through Instagram. It can be a fun way to stand out. 

Check out the app here.

If you are the type of influencer, who posts a lot of videos, this app can help you to edit them. It opens your world on overlays and filters, much more than your Instagram-filters. 

Find out more on the app here.

Analysis tools

For you to stand out you might also want to know who your followers are, so that you can target your new filters and visual chains towards them. Also, the analysis tools can be great having to show to the brands and agencies, whowant to hire you as a microinfluencer.

Instagram Insights
This is for you who have turned your Instagram-profile to a business page. Since Facebook bought Instagram, it has been much easier to get the insights behind your Instagram-profile and much more user-friendly to read. It is a perfect way to get to know your followers.

Get the insights here.

Hootsuite is also a way of getting to know your followers, where theylive, how old they are and so on. If you are an influencer with different platform, you can connect them all to your Hootsuite-account. Also, you can use the app to post Instagram-pictures a few days ahead.

Check out how to use it here.

Source: HubSpot, SociallySorted

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