How to get 1000 followers on InstagramIt’s easy to be on Instagram and get a couple of hundred followers –your friends, family, network. But getting closer to a 1000 followers is trickier, and especially if you want those followers who actually like what you post. 

Here you have 8 easy and simple steps to get more followers.

1. Optimize and clean your profile

First of all you need to align your profile. Who are you? What do you post pictures about? What can your followers expect? The more you give away in your name, picture and bio, the better. Otherwise you might lead the followers on to something different, and you can risk loosingthem again. 

2. Find out what signal you want to send

This is important. What do you want to show your followers? That you are a party-girl? That you are a family man? Or you like to work out? Maybe it’s more than one thing, but you need to think about what the followers can expect. If you are a little bit of everything, show that. And make a clear statement about it. 

3. Brush up on your photography

You don’t need to take photos that look professional, but maybe you can take a look at aYoutube-video or two on how you take better photos. Not artistic or photograph-ish, but just better and sharper. 

4. Post frequently

Your followers need you! And they need to look at you from time to time. With the algorithms it can be harder to get shown in their feed. If you post once or twice a day you have a bigger chance to get shown more than if you post once or twice a week. 

5. Use the right hashtags

You probably know this one, but don’t forget it! The right hashtags can get you a long way out in cyberspace. Also with the new function that you can follow hashtags, some followers might find you through this. What the right hasthagsare in your area, you know the best. Try looking for the ones with many posts but not to many. In that way many will se your Instagram-pictures but it will not float away. 

6. Interact with people!

“Follow4follow” and “like4like” are dead. Sort of. Because it still counts. You just need to do it properly. Instagramers still want the likes and followers just like you. But a comment on a photo, you sincerely like, or a follow to a person, you really think is awesome, can get you a long way.

7. Don’tforget the text

Even though Instagram is the media of photos and hashtags, you still need to make a good text to your image. What does it show? What is its purpose? Sometimes emojies and hashtags cando it themselves but not always. 

8. Use all of Instagram

If you haven’t tried it yetgive your Instagram story a go. Often people think it’s easer just to look through the story and discover new, cool Instagramers this way, so you can’t pass the chance. Put in some hashtags and maybe the name of your city. Thatway your new followers can easily find you.

Here you can find more tips on getting followers on Instagram. 

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Source: Hubspot

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