Yes, well, sorry about that. But microinfluencers are the way to go, if you want to servicein the marketing game. It’s actually for the company’s best that we enjoin you to start using influencers, if you haven’t started yet.

You probably have read the post about how microinfluencers will be the big thing in 2018. And that is why you need to get started!

It is just not something we say. Many bigger companies have already started. For example the big brand, as you can read about right here, has used influencers in their very own way. And you have probably noticed many of the sponsored posts on the bigger bloggers Instagramor on young youtubers’channels.

Because microinfluencers are an even more reliablemarketing platform, you might haven’t noticed which brands that uses them,but they are out there.

Why not?

Why not give it ago? Even though you will start out with a smaller test campaign, you will have nothing to lose. Start out with one, five or ten microinfluencers and throw a small amount of money at it. And it is a pieceof cake to do so. For you as a brand all it takes is to find out how the influencers can contribute to your marketing. If you yourself want to go out and find the right ones, you can read our post here about finding the right influencers. 

If you just want to try it and see how it can work, you can use MINFLU. Then we will find the influencers, who fits you and your campaign.

The human touch

It’s more important than ever to get a human touch. As a company, a brand, media, politicians and famous people all over. We as consumers want the peek behind the scenes, and we no longer want to just besold stuff. Just take a look at Facebook and how Mark Zuckerberg not changes the algorithms,so we get more personal stuff from friends and families in our feed. That is why it is important for you as a brand to start surfingon the wave of microinfluencers. The faster, the better. You need to find your ‘human touch’in your marketing strategy.

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