Now that you know what influencers are, you need to find some that fits for your brand. That can be tricky but it doesn’t have to. Here we have gathered five questions you need to ask to find your new influencers on social media.

What do you need them for?

Know what the influencers are for. The more you already have figured out how the campaign is going to play out the less the influencers have to think about that. And the more you know as a brand what the influencers role in the campaign is, the better you can find the ones that fit. If you fx have a new chocolate product and you just want influencers who likes chocolate, you will have problems finding the ones which can integrate the product the best.

If your campaign is much more specific, you will have success in finding the right ones. Fx. if the product is a chocolate bar, and you main target group is children, you should look for moms who post about family life and their children.

What hashtags do you use on social media?

Look through the hashtags you use and follow to find influencers. Maybe someone out there use your brands hashtag a lot, or maybe you as a brand use certain hashtags that is popular in a certain group. So start scrolling to your hashtag-feed and find new influencers.

Who are your followers?

The same goes for your followers. Maybe you already have a lot of ambassadors out there that you just haven’t used yet. Scroll through your followers and find the ones with the right profile for your campaign. They already like your company, so why wouldn’t they want to be influencers and help brand your products.

“Do you want to be an influencer?”

Try just asking around on Instagram or the other social media that you as a brand use a lot. Let the influencers come to you. If they want to advertise for your brand, they will come. This is not as tricky and does not take as much time as the other ones. Your problem could be that no one wants to be an influencer in that way, or maybe they just want to be “chosen” to do the job.

Who can do it?

The one method that takes the least out of the company and marketingteams time is to hire someone else to do the job. There are many companies out there who have specialized in finding and collecting both small and big influencers. For example you can hire MINFLU to find the micro influencers that fits just right for the campaign you want to roll out. We already have a big book of influencers who are ready to advertise for your product.

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