Your marketing needs an improvement. Sometimes you need to do something new to get more customers. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money every time on a big new campaign to do so. You can just hire new microinfluencers once in a while.

New group of influencers of each campaign

The thing is that micro influencers can be the ones that shows your products, campaigns and your entire company from a whole news angle, if you let them. They are not tangled into what you look at every day or have helped develop campaigns or products. Therefore, they can bring something new to each campaign.

For you it’s about making a deal with an agency where it makes sense to get a new group of micro influencers each time you launch a new product or runs a new campaign. 

Of course,there is no reason to let the group of influencersgo, if they fityour company and brand supergreat. Then you instead shouldlet them become ambassadors for the company.

Read more about that here.

Get help, when you’re stuck

Besides using micro influencers when you’re launching new products, you can also use them if you’re stuck in a campaignproces. They often have an angle to how a marketing campaignshould look like, if itshouldapplyto their followers.

What you do is that you contact an agency like MINFLU and ask a group of influencers to join a focus group. For example, they could all have workout as one of their topics. You call them in and listen to what they have to tell. That way you will get focus on one certain topic, but different types of micro influencers will give their input. Influencers that you of course use in the campaign to come.

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