1: Set the budget and the KPI

First of all,you shall as company find out how much money you will use on a campaign, and how long the investment should be. After that you must find your KPI’s, which will help both you, your bosses and most of all the micro influencers to find out what you want toachieve.

2: Find the right channel

The next step is all about finding the right canal to your campaign. Often it will be Instagram or Youtube, but maybe your campaign is a better fit with a blog or maybe Snapchat. That depends which type of campaign it is.

3: Find the right micro influencers

To find the right micro influencers to your campaign it takes a lot of work. You can for example read here, how to find influencers on social media, or you can simply contact an agency that has a lot of influencers in a network. In that way the process moves faster, and you are certain to find just the right ones.

4: Make a great campaign brief

Even with the right micro influencers and a cool campaign, you also need a good campaign briefto have a great campaign. The influencers need that,so they know what they can and cannot do, and what hashtags they should use. It is rarelycomplicated, but it takes a good overview to get it all in the brief. Therefore, you can ask the agency you use for advice. Must likely they have tried it before.

5: Analyze the campaign

Last but not least it is super important that you analyse the campaign all the way through. Both to find out if the influencers were theright ones, if your campaign worked, or if you reached the goals you sat. It is especially important, if it your first campaign ever with micro influencers.

Source: Mediakix

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