For you as a brand to find just the right platformthat can take your campaign into influencer marketing, you need to look for a while.

Don’t take the first you find on Google, because it might be good but not necessarily the right one for your brand and your needs. So before you go out there and explore the market, you need to find out what you need

The budget

First of all you need to figure out what kind of money you have to go into micro influencer marketing. That is the first step before even buying a platform as your solution. It does not have to be expensive but it can be, if you do not think it through

So make a budget on every expense that could be connected with taking a step into influencer marketing. The platform will probably be the most expensive thing in the budget no matter which one you choose. Therefore you need to find the right one.

Also you need to make an analyzeon when you will start getting the money you invest back. If you have tried out marketing on social media you might already know that the money and clients does not startrolling in right away. And the same goes for micro influencer marketing.

How to use it

Do you have someone at the company who is good with installing new platforms? If not you need to pick a platform that pretty much everybody can use. You need to figure out how adroit the marketing team and yourself are at using new platforms, so you can get one that goes for everyone. If you have no skills at all, you need a platform that is easy to use.

And if everyone is good at these things, you don’t have to think about usability when you choose

The easy solution

If you find out that the company might not have the budget to install a brand new platform but both the management and the marketing team wants the company to go into micro influencer marketing, there are other ways, which are bot easier and cheaper for you as a brand. 

The solution is to choose an influencer agency that already hasboth the platform and the expertise to help you find the right influencers for each of your campaign. In that way you do not have to invest in a platform yourselves but you still have the possibility to figure out how a platform for influencers work.

For example if you want to make a campaign with micro influencers you can check out the cost of MINFLU or find out what we can help you with.

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