The networks between influencers work differently because they are. An influencer is just not just an influencer; they work on many different levels. That means that they have an influencer network for each media, they work on. Ex. influencers with blogs have one network; Youtubers have a different one, and influencers on Instagram a multiple network. And therefore they all work in different ways. The typical influencer network either work like an agency or a platform.

The agency

They “collect” their influencers but not in the same way as the platform networking. Sometimes they have influencers on different kind of social media and therefore help your brand with a campaign that goes all over. If it is one of the bigger agencies, they can maybe even offer to do the campaign for you and take the entire campaign of your back.

So if you want a big campaign and having your product to be spread all over the Internet in just the right way, this is the right solution.

The platform

On the platform the influencers are collected in a database where you as a brand can get help finding the right influencers for your campaign. Here you can create a profile as an influencer with your name, age, which social media you are on and so on. Sometimes this is something the agency uses to get a better view on which influencers they have, but you can also find them as a separate company.

This solution is for the company who wants to do the campaign themselves and have the courage to try using influencers on their own.

What should I look for in an influencer network?

For you to as a brand to find the right influencer network, you need to make up your mind on what you want, and maybe what you can afford. If you want to a all-over campaign, you might look for a network-agency, where you can have it all in one place. If you just want to be on Instagram for example, you could just look for a agency that can help you with micro-influencers.

Also your budget is a factor. Can you afford to get influencers all over the Internet and pay an agency to do the campaign for you? Or do you just need to find a platform and go looking for influencers yourselves? The agencies and influencer networks are different from country to country, so look for your “local” companies so that the communication can be as good as possible.


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Source: Mediakix

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