What is your goal?

First of all you need to figure out what your goal is. Not only for the campaign you think can be fit for a micro influencer, but what your entire goal of using micro influencers is. That can be different from brand to brand. But it is important, because it is the first step towards finding the right ones for your campaign and brand.

Most companies use the goal that they want to get the human touch into their campaign and their brand, but that is often not enough. It’s too fluffy for you as a brand. So, try figuring out what YOUR human touch should be, and how you can integrate it in your brand. That is one of the things that MINFLU for example can help you with.

How many platforms do they work on?

The influencers that you want to use have different platforms they work on. Most of the micro influencers use Instagram, because it is personal but also have a lot of possibilities. But some of them uses other platforms as well or maybe they have their own blog. For you to keep track of where your brand or product goes, you need to find out where the micro influencer is first. And where you want them to be. Maybe your product needs a blog to go viral or maybe it “only” needs a few pots on Instagram.

Who are the followers?

The followers are the key to micro influencing. If you use a platform or maybe an agency for finding your micro influencers, they will probably have figures and numbers on who the followers are, and how the influencer is doing – reach, likes and so. But knowing who the followers are, are important. If you have a new product for woman hygiene, you can’t have 10.000 followers where 8.000 of them are men. Or maybe you want to reach different places in the country than you usually do. Then you need followers in that part of the country.

How engaged are the followers?

Second to that you need to know how many likes, comments etc., the influencer gets. Are the followers good at liking and maybe sharing the posts?

Is the micro influencer already a fan?

Of course, it is easier to work with an influencer who is already a fan. That means that they need less information about you as brand before start using the product you want to launch. Even if the product is something brand-new. They will know what you want, and they will show a true excitement over the brand, but also tell the truth about the new product.

But this can also be a downside. If the micro influencers already know your brand and way of doing things so well, they will might not bring new ideas to the table. And when you use micro influencers there should be new ideas and new angles to your product and your brand.

Of course, there are a lot of other questions you can ask yourself, but that depends on what brand and company you are, and what kind of products you sell. Because all businesses are not the same, and therefore the campaigns can never be the same. That also means that different brands need different micro influencers. So, start by asking these questions. And if you are still not clear about wanting to use influencers, contact us and we will answer your questions.

Source: HubSpot

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