We have talked about the human touch for some time now in the marketing industry. It is an important part of almost every marketing campaign and strategy, and for you as a brand you also need some kind of ‘human touch’ for customers to relate to more than just your products. But there is more than one way of getting the human touch to both your brand and your campaigns. We have collected 5 of them. 

Be personal 

Overall, you need to show a little personality. It can be in your posts on Facebook, Instagram orother social media. Use emojis, when you post.And be funny from time to time. Even though your company has a professional attitude, your customers still need to know, that you are persons. Also, it can be nice to tell about what you do behind the scenes. How was your staff meeting for example? 

In contact with the customer there should also be a certain amount of personality, in a way thatshowsthat you are professional in your service, but that you are still human being. No matter if the service goes through a mail, chatbox or per phone. Tell the customer, what you do, how you do it, and when you need help, tell them that as well.

Give a little something of yourselves

Another way of showing your customers and everyone else a little about who you arecan be sampling. It might seem stupid, but if it your employees themselves, who are walking around handing out candy, pens or water bottles, it shows dedication and spirit.It doesn’t matter who does the hand out, as long as you don’t hire advertising-people that aren’t expressing the wipe from your company that shows who you are. 

Use your staffas ambassadors

A newerway of becoming more human as a brand is by letting your employees beambassadors. Of course, there has always been stories about the good employee in magazines or so. But with social media it doesn’t have to be organized as much. It can simply be an employee, who shares croissants and coffee on Instagram from your staff meeting on a Friday morning. Or that they simply share and likethe company on social media. 

Your customers are people

It doesn’t have to be about your company and employees all the time. Your customers can also help give a human touch to your brand. Hopefully they like what you do and will recommendyou. No matter if you sell tools, you help people lose weight or you do their taxes, there will always be the customers that are happy about the service. Ask them if you can record a video of them telling why your company is the best or maybe they can write a testimonialthat you can share on your social media. The point is that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask


The last way of adding the human touch to your brand or marketing campaignsis using influencers. Like your employees and customers,they can tell about you in social media. The only difference is that they really know how to do it. When using influencers as a marketing strategy you don’tget people with under 1000 followers. Meaning they have a bigger reach than your employees. 

Of course,it cost a little to use this kind of human touch, but the reach and the feedback comes back tenfold. You can read more about influencer marketing right here, and how MINFLU can help you get a human touchto your marketing campaign.

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