Why does your company have to start out a new marketing tool? What can you even use those microinfluencers for? The answer is pretty simple. They just work!

Word of mouth

You probably know the grand old method –word of mouth. And how it is an effective way of spreading the message about your company and brand. It Is also the most reliableway of spreading the word, because it is regular people, who tell their friends, colleaguesand family what kind of experiencesthey have had with your company. Whether it’s super greator superbad. 

Even though influencers are moving around online on social media, it doesn’t mean that ‘word of mouth’ works any different. It is still a bunch of regular people, who tells their friends and familyabout the good, the bad and the fun experiences with companies. The big differenceis that microinfluencers have a lot of followers as well whom they also share allof those things with.

So, when you use micro influencers you push your brand into a big chain of ‘word of mouth’. A chain that will start with one or more microinfluencers with big reliability, because they are regular people.And that doesn’t mean that you as a brand can count on that the influencers will like your product.

Let’s say you lance a brand-newproduct that an influencer should use to cook something. If it doesn’t taste well, he or she is allowed to tell his or her followers that.

And that will be the outcome of your campaign.With that said it also means that the reliability is that much bigger. Because when the microinfluencers write or share something great, they mean it. And since you as a brand didn’t buy them, it will also affect your reliability in the long run.

A little extra

Because micro influencers are regular people it means that it will be cheaper for you to use them. They don’t need a lot of money to advertise for your product. Mostly because they are not committed to write a good review. None the less it doesn’t cost very much to use micro influencers. All you have to do is thinking about what it will cost to send the product and how many you want to use.

You can take a look at our prices here. 

That is also why you should see the use of microinfluencers not as a replacement for another marketing element but more as a little extra that practically does not take up any money in your budget. But eventhough it is cheap, it can give so much to your entire marketing campaign.

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