What the heck is influencer marketing?

Just the other day I happened to wake up early. That is unusual for an engineering student. After a long time I could witness the sunrise. I could feel the sun rays falling on my body. Usual morning is followed by hustle to make it to college on time. This morning was just another morning yet seemed different.

5 question you need to ask before working with micro influencers

working with micro-influencers

What is your goal? First of all you need to figure out what your goal is. Not only for the campaign you think can be fit for a micro influencer, but what your entire goal of using micro influencers is. That can be different from brand to brand. But it is important, because it is […]

Influencer platform vs. influencer agency

Influencer agencies are the best

The influencer market is growing faster than ever. More and more brands have discovered the many possibilities that influencer marketing have. Both with the larger macro-influencers and the micro-influencers. And because the market is growing, the possibilities for you as a brand or an agency have also grown a lot so that you now have […]

How does influencer networking work?

influencer networking

The networks between influencers work differently because they are. An influencer is just not just an influencer; they work on many different levels. That means that they have an influencer network for each media, they work on. Ex. influencers with blogs have one network; Youtubers have a different one, and influencers on Instagram a multiple […]

2018 will be the year of micro-influencers

The year of micro influencers

If you haven’t gotten acquainted with the term micro-influencers in 2017, you should do more in this year to learn about it. Because as we enter the third month of 2018, multiple trends seem to be going in that direction. Integration in budgets Because micro-influencers and influencing over all still is something, not every company […]

Influencer marketing – how does it work?

Influencer marketing

First of all you probably need to know what an influencer is. An influencer is of course a great deal of the whole marketing strategy, when you use them. And to use them, you need to understand how they work, and what they do. There are two types of influencers, and two boxes we can […]

How to find influencers on social media

Influencers on social media

Now that you know what influencers are, you need to find some that fits for your brand. That can be tricky but it doesn’t have to. Here we have gathered five questions you need to ask to find your new influencers on social media. What do you need them for? Know what the influencers are […]