It can be hard to get the attention you want as a microinfluencer. Even though you haven’t set the bar very high, you still need to get some attention on your posts and your profile to get more followers and to encouragethe brands and agencies to choose you for their campaigns. Here you have five apps to help you stand out.


You might know this app. It is popular, because it can provide you with even more filters than Instagram. It also has more editing tools –for example skin tonecorrection, so your Instagram photo can be as perfect as you want it. Also,you can post the photo from the app and directly into your Instagramfeed.

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Different from VSCO is this app. It also has different filters to put on your pictures, but it is a little more playful than that. For example, you can use different fun overlays, and you can add text onto your picture before posting it. You can also save the filters you use, so that you can use it again. That can be nice, if you want to maintain the same expression on your every post on Instagram.

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For you who often uses videos. Both when you post on Instagram and in your Instagram story. You can add differentfilters, the ones you know from Instagram and more. And also,cool overlays to make cool videos. The app is for you who want to add color stuff to your influencer-videos.

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Instagram Insights

Since Instagram was bought by Facebook, you can now check your insights on Instagram through your Facebook. This can only be used, if your Instagram-profile is set to be for business. If you don’t use Instagram for much more than just your regular daily life-pictures and as a micro influencer, you might not need it. But it can be useful information on who your followers are.

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This can also be a great app or analyzing tool for your Instagram-profile. With this you can also check outwho your followers are, where they live and so on. This is great information for the agency who hires you as a microinfluencer, because then they can easier match you and the brands that need influencers for their campaign.

Check out how it works right here

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Source: HubSpot, SociallySorted

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